Our vocation

In winter

The cutting begins after the falling leaves. The vine shoot is hauled and burned. The vine take rest.

In Spring

After some months of vegetative rest, it is necessary to think of the plowing and the
« ébourgeonnage ». The flower of vine is a
very important phase.

In Summer

The vine grows, it is in full vigour. It takes advantage of sun but remain fragile at the whims of climate.
The vintner gives his know to master, protect and bring the harvest in the best conditions.

In autumn

Finally the period so waited of the grape harvests came. In the vineyard, everybody is hectic. In the « cuverie », the vintner gives of him best to prepare the birth of a new vintage year.

A Savigny-les-Beaune (21 Côte d'Or) en Bourgogne, la famille Girard vous accueille dans son domaine viticole et vous présente ses différents vins et appellations.